Killer Cows

Agency: fischerAppelt
Production: Illusion
Creative Direction: Philip Bolland, David Morales
Art Direction: Claudia Kuprat
Layout & Design: Christoph Laurisch
Writing: Jonas Bartelworth

Under the motto "Eating meat kills more animals than you think” fischerAppelt Berlin created an awareness campaign in cooperation with Peta Germany that sends a strong signal against the deforestation of rainforests. The central campaign, Killer Cows, symbolizes the global context of deforestation and points out it dramatic consequences.
One of the main reasons for clearing large forest areas is the cultivation of concentrates. The food obtained in the rainforest is exported all over the world and then fed to the farm animal husbandry – also in Germany. At the same time, the habitat of innumerable animals is destroyed, from the bright red macaw to the amazon river dolphin and the jaguar. For the realization of the motifs, we worked closely with Illusion CGI Studio from Bangkok, one of the most renowned CGI studios in the world.

Awards: ADC Germany, Cresta, Mobius …

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