SunExpress Airlines
Your ticket to happiness.

Agency: Philipp und Keuntje
Creative Direction: Philip Bolland, David Morales
Art Direction: Christoph Laurisch
Writing: Jonas Bartelworth
Illustration: Fritzi Stuke

How do you reinvent an international airline when flying is only possible to a limited extent? When Europe went into lockdown and air traffic came to a standstill, we and our new customer SunExpress were faced with the question: rebook everything or get off to a flexible start?

Be present when uncertainty is greatest. With a completely fresh branding system that, thanks to its modularity, works equally for all countries and all target groups. And with which we are always able to react quickly and flexibly to current and world events or new offers. No matter the channel or format (Social Media and digital Out of Home).

The campaign “Your ticket to happiness” managed to turn a fragmented image into a consistent brand identity in a very short time. With success: Thanks to the target group-specific approach in all channels, the awareness and perception of SunExpress was significantly increased in all markets.

Awards: German Brand Award

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