Agency: HeimatTBWA
Direction: Traktor
DoP: Anthony Dod Mantle
Production: STINK Berlin
Music: Finger Music & Sound Design
Sound Design: David Arnold (Loft), Alex Bingham & Nigel Manington (Machine)
Creative Direction: Guido Heffels, Marlon Fischer
Art Direction: Joaquin Aubele, Christoph Laurisch
Writing: John-Conrad Speer

HORNBACH kicks off the gardening season with a campaign that only the No.1 project hardware store could conceive. At the heart of what’s probably HORNBACH’s most complex spring campaign of all time is a madcap advert of epic proportions (2:14 minutes long), showing what can happen if you don’t look after your garden in spring: It will simply find its own way to the nearest HORNBACH store – even if it must steal your car to get there. Not surprisingly, chaos ensues, including illegal car races and vomiting bushes.

© Christoph Laurisch 2024