Letter Theft

Agency: HeimatTBWA
Director: Tom Dream
Production: SLGH
Creative Direction: Luis Jaehner, Christofer Kümmerer
Art Direction: Christoph Laurisch, Joaquin Aubele
Writing: Luis Jähner, John-Conrad Speer

It was the great mystery of 2022: overnight, letters began to disappear from signboards at HORNBACH stores. In locations all over Europe. A coincidence? Or was there more to it than that? Soon, letters began to reappear in the unlikeliest locations: in the background of streaming rooms, as parts of art performances – even on the canals of Amsterdam, remodeled into motorboats. And in thousands of memes, TikToks, leads and posts from our community. Which saw the repurposed letters as a symbol for creative spirit. And turned the thefts into pop culture lore.

© Christoph Laurisch 2023